I went to the Serbian Cinema Festival called “Serbinale” with my flat mate yesterday.  MitteにあるBabylonというシアターにて。 各国の映画祭をやっているそうです。 /...

I went to the Serbian Cinema Festival called “Serbinale” with my flat mate yesterday.

/Theater named Babylon in Mitte.
/It's Serbian charactor.
It looks like Russian, I reckon.
It was very pity that I was not able to understand this movie because Serbian was spoken through the movie and there was only German subtitle. My flat mate transtaled into English for me at the very begining of the movie but he gave up to translate after all. I managed to understand the story but just wasn't able to catch up the thier conversation.  The story was like, the life of young “Smart phone”genelation who live in Belgrade. As I mentioned I couldn't catch up the conversation, I focused on its backgrand.  It keenly showed me thier poorness. As for thier fassion, I felt they were 10 years or even 15 years behind even though this movie was taken in 2012.
  I think young generation is always hopeless but hopelss kids's parents are also hopeless. I mean it's not only Serbian but Japanese as well. Streets and atmosphere looked completely miserable. The buildings were still ruined. One of my Polish friend who went to Belgrade last year told me “You'd see and understand that there were war if you go to Belgrade even though already about 20 years passed. ”.  It made me a little bit schocked but then I understood it was true. I could feel it even in the movie. After watching the movie, I talked to Turkish guy and he mentioned “Yugoslavian civil war...blah blah blar”(I don't remember what he said after that word.) I just thought that lots of people who don't know Serbia might have same feeling after watching this movie. It means they still cannot keep that war away. Like us, like Germany. It should not keep or wash it away but not that way.

I heard that Serbinale will be hold for 4 days and a documentary in regard to Yugoslavian Hero Tito will be shown tonght. My flat mate looked so interested in it and so am I. I don't have lots of knowledge regarding Tito but I'm really interested in him these days thanks to my flat mate. It is good to know or learn what I don't know.
 However, I just wonder what made and kept him “Hero” till his last or even now 2013, not “Director”. His position might be said “Diretor”  but he was not, neither he wasn't called like that. My flate mate told me that all Yugoslavian loved him very much and he still remember that day when Tito passed away even though he was just 4 years old! Because her mother cried a lot for great Tito's death. It's very interesting, isn't it?  I will ask that question to my flat mate again someday.

After watching movie, we hung out with others and I found interesting story then but let me write another time...

/If you're interested, this is a title and official poster of movie.


One of my Spanish friend invited me to “Fiesta” on the last Saturday. I went to her Friend's house. It was really really fun that night....

One of my Spanish friend invited me to “Fiesta” on the last Saturday. I went to her Friend's house. It was really really fun that night. Love it! People were also very nice, they originally come from Argentine, Italy,Canada, Indonesia, Spain and even from Libya!
 But I didn't like that Libyan guy at all because he always tried to touch or even cling to the girls. I just complained another Spanish guy that I didn't like men touching me like that way. But he said that that Libyan guy was basically nice person but he drunk and he came from totally “different culture”.
Well, I have no idea we could say that this happened because of the culture difference. I'm pretty sure they don't touch ladies in their country. Got out of their country and came to Germany, they might think “This is Germany,We can touch ladies as we like. We can fuck around with them because all lady is a bitch” or something. I'm very sorry to use this nasty word but at least I felt that way. I mean, he looked like he totally changes their mind since he come to Berlin. But he should know sometime to touch ladies is also rude, not only Arabic countries.
 I understand how difficult to adjust their culture to live in Europe country because I also come from very different culture as Europe and I understand how sad that people keep or push me away because I come from different culture. But the problem was he changed his mind in wrong way!!

On Sunday afternoon, I met up with Mohamed and we went to Treptowerpark near by Spree river. It was very lovely. We enjoyed the last minutes of summer.
 We talked about Syrian civil war again. Some bombs were fell down to his hometown where his family live in. He said he had been thinking that what he was doing in Germany by himself. Lovely friends and family has been suffered by horrible situation. I was sad but only what I manage to say to him is just “At least your family is happy because you are safe for sure”. Yes, what I can do for him and Syria is to write. I know it's very very tiny thing...but I want him to remember I always think about his country.

Second topic for us was about the book which I read couple month ago. The title is “Burned Alive”. It's true story written by survivor of an “Honor Killing”. One seventeen girl fell in love and had sex before her marriage. It means she deserves to be killed by her family. For what? She should be punished and family must protect their own honor. That's why she was burned.
 My friend of course wouldn't kill a lady even he has a same situation as this, he said but...This traditional idea still exists in Syria now. I was pretty shocked. 2013 now! He wouldn't kill his lady but he would divorce if he finds his lady is not virgin...
Am,I would lose my life if I were born in Syria! I just thought it's very difficult to understand Arabic culture about this case even though I like their culture!

Read “Burned Alive ” if you are interested.

Burned Alive


 で、リビアンガイ。なんかさ、やたらとべたべた触ってきて、スパニッシュの女の子と2人、ぶち切れ。もう1人のスペイン人の男の子に「あいつ、嫌い!やたら触ってくる!」と文句言ってたら、「基本的にはいいやつだよ。ただ、文化が違うだけで・・・」って擁護してた。うーん、こういうのってそういう片付け方をしたほうがいいのかなってすっごく疑問だった。「文化が違う」って言っても、ムスリム国家であるリビアで女の子にべたべた触るなんて絶対あり得ないし、極端に言えば、「ドイツでは女性は触り放題だし、好きなだけやれる」みたいに勘違いしてんじゃないのかなと思った。ムスリムの男性はその辺が苦手。トルコ人は別として、モロッコ人の友達でさえも「やれるだけやっとこう!」みたいな感じがして、その辺はすっごく嫌だった。あの頃は友達もだいぶわかかったからなのかもしれないけれど。でも同じく外国で自分のもともとの文化を調整しないといけない苦労は私もよくわかるし、「文化が違う」ってことでPush me away(距離を置く)されたらやっぱりいやだから、もっと理解するしかないのかな。。。そんなこんなで7時に帰宅。まだまだ私いけるね。


それから、夕方からモハメドと会って、シュプレー川べりの公園へ。The last minutes of summerって感じでとってもキレイだった。今日の前半のトピックはまたまたシリアの内戦。いつだったか忘れたけれど、彼の街にも爆弾が投下されたって言ってた。自分は家族をおいてきて、ドイツで何をしてるんだろう、って時々思うんだ、って言うから、「それでも家族はあなただけでも助かってくれてハッピーだと思うよ」って言った。今私に出来ることはこうやってちょこちょこブログを書いてシリアのことを知らせるだけだってことも伝えた。いつも思ってるよ、って意味で。



 I managed to talk with Muhammed during short break of German language school. I was very worried about him, his family and Syrian because I...

 I managed to talk with Muhammed during short break of German language school. I was very worried about him, his family and Syrian because I saw the news that tons of Kurdish Syrian people refused to Iraq few days ago. It said “President Assad has killed lots of citizens with bombs and chemical gas”.
 Muhammed told me that no one was interested us neither no one helped us though Baschar was doing the same thing as Hitler. I'd never heard that he said in this way. His word was sharp and it hurt me. I keep posting about Syrian civil war on Facebook. But, so what? I just posted it. That's all.  Did I think every my friends would be interested in it? Posting something on Facebook or liking is nothing. But fortunately, my sister and very close friends said they felt Syria much closer than before. That helped me a lot. Thank you all for your support all the time.

What can I do for them? I know pray is important but it can't help people all the time. They need food, they need bed, they need water....To keep writing is one of them for me. I know it's tiny tiny thing but it's much better than indifference at least.



I haven't updated this blog these days because I've been working online job and quite busy... Yes. It's absolutely an excuse. I ...

I haven't updated this blog these days because I've been working online job and quite busy... Yes. It's absolutely an excuse. I was just lazy. I know I should update more often even though nobody read my blog..
 I went to have a cup of tea with my Syrian friend who I met in the German language school. We wanted to go and chill out in Treptower park but it was raining and gave up. We ate Kebab in Ostcreuz at first and end up to Neukölln to smoke Sheesha.
 It's disorganized but let me talk about side story first. My Syrian friend and I were invited to the birthday party of our Germany language school teacher. There was quite los of nationalities from all over the world. Some of them were from Cameroon and others were from Ethiopia, Spain, Mali,Bolibia and Germany.  I met a man from Cameroon and he asked me where I am from. I answered “Ich bin aus Japan(I'm from Japan)”.  This was quite normal question, I don't say anything so far. Will anyone guess what that his next word to me?
The answer was “What is your opinion regarding Nuclear accident in Japan?”. 
Second word to me! He continued talking regarding that subject. “I have no idea why Japanese people still live in Japan where is so dangerous. Blah blah blah...”
 I have been asked such questions by many people since I came to Germany. I know it's important to think and discuss about and find a solution. But..you know, should it be given to me in this way? I'm sure I would answer or explain it when people ask me the same questions if they ask me correctly.  I don't know what is correct way or not though...

 He gave a question to my Syrian friend regarding Syrian civil war as soon as he found my friend came from Syria.The other friend of mine and I looked at each other because we know that topic was complicated and sensitive. My Syrian friend's face showed complicated feeling, at least I felt so. The other friend of mine made topic change naturally to help him and we talked about something another.

 I just felt that He didn't want to talk about this topic with someone new. So did I.  I don't want to discuss about the catastrophe of nuclear plant because it makes me very nervous.  

I had enough time to talk with my Syrian friend and asked him many questions about Syria today. He just didn't get what Cameroon guy asked him in English. So his smile came out in weird way. That's all, he said. But he also said to me that he doesn't want to talk about civil war very well. Because he saw how terrible things happened in Syria. When he starts to talk about his ,it reminds him bad memories.

 Well, let me introduce my friend little bit.  He has a very traditional Islamic name. He was born in Syria as Kurdish Syrian and raised there.  He always tries to help me at the class and always takes care of everyone. He is so nice. He majors in Pharmacy in his university. However, that civil war began and everything is dramatically changed. He decided to refuse from his country to Germany this year. I must say this is a very very very big diction. Now he is totally safe in Berlin. No bombs, no guns, no killers. He does not need to be scared any more. But he's always worried about his family and his study in university. His family stay in Syria.  
 He said that he had to pay 10,000 Euro to come to Germany. His family managed to pay it because Syria is too dangerous to live in or....just to walk around streets. So they wanted him to refuse.

 I knew that German government is very positive for refugees. I heard there are many refugees from former Yugoslavia in Germany. I always wish Japan could do the same thing to help refugees. It sounds really ideal country and responsible to the world not only own country.  But...I didn't know the refugees have to  pay about 10,000 Euro. It means only rich people can refuse to another country. Poor people cannot even refuse. It means,lives can be bought by money. Poor people only have a way to go to refugee camp in Turkey or Iraq with very poor condition,I've heard. Otherwise, they would be killed by bombs or chemical gas. I’m not sure if there is  another way to survive in currently Syria.

 After he told me this story, he tried to treat me for dinner. I think it was his custom but It totally made me cry. He paid 20 Euro even though I insisted I would pay for it, at least mine. He just smiled and said “Don't worry”. I said to him that I would invite him next time, I promised. This would be the most expensive 20 Euro in my life.

 I've been worried this Syrian civil war and sometime tried to updated because I really love the world history and wanted to go to Damascus someday. When I said to him about that, he was so pleased and smiled(And I love his smile!)
“Come to visit me to Syria someday. Syria is very beautiful!” .When he said so, I hold back my tears again. “When the war is over, please please come to Syria. I will be in Syria for sure. We have to wait for a while...”
 I just found that how much he loves his country and wants to go back there, where there is his dearest family and what he loves. It made my heart painful. Because, I always run away from my county and how different we feel to own country.

I will come to visit you in Syria someday. I promise.

I wish he and his family are all safe. I wish peace comes to Syria soon....
Just let me pray it for now.

 今日は夕方から学校で知り合ったシリア人の友達とお茶をしました。本当は公園でChill outする予定だったけど、雨だったのでOstkreuz付近をぶらぶら。ケバブを食べて、その後シーシャ(水煙草)を吸いにNeuköllnへ。
 そして今日、2人でゆっくり話す機会があって、シリアのこともたくさん聞けた。実際、カメルーンのおじさんがCivil warと言った時微妙な表情をしたのは、単に英語の単語がわからなかったらしいけど、やっぱり初対面の人に内戦の話はしたくないって言ってた。自分はすべてを見てきたからって。思い出したくないこともたくさんあるからって。

 彼の名前はモハメド。The イスラム教な名前。とっても由緒ある誇り高い名前。彼はクルド人の両親の元、シリアに生まれた。ドイツ語がまったくわからない私をいつも助けようとしてくれるし、私だけじゃなくて、いつも他人を思いやれるとっても優しい男の子なの。




 女の子だもん、コンプレックスっていろいろあるよね。もうちょっと身長が高かったらとか、鼻が高かったら、肌がきれいだったら、唇が厚かったら・・・とかいろいろ。  コンプレックスは山のようにありますが、その中でも私と眉毛の戦いは長い。思い返して見ても、間違いなく小学生の頃から眉毛が...